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Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

What is FSM?
Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.

How does FSM work?
Your body uses microcurrent energy to increase its own energy production. Microcurrent increases the production of your own chemical energy, by up to 500%.

So if you have injured tissue (such as muscle, nerve, ligament etc.), microcurrent will assist in repairing that tissue by increasing the energy levels within the injured site.

The resonating/vibrating effect of the microcurrent unwinds tissue and frees flow of blood and nutrients in order for the body to repair itself in a faster time frame.

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Why does the practitioner use black gloves?
The graphite gloves conduct the frequencies from the machine to your body. The gloves allow the therapist to feel your muscles and put the treatment exactly where it is needed. When the current needs to go to a large area the gloves may be wrapped in a small, warm, wet towel for better conductivity.

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How do the frequencies work?
It is believed the frequencies work on the principle of biologic resonance. A singer can shatter a glass when the note resonates with the crystal structure of the glass. Microcurrent frequencies seem to be able to resonate with biologic tissue when the frequency is correct. Once the tissue is changed and stable, it seems to be able to stay in the new configuration with proper nutritional support. Animal research confirms that the frequency to reduce inflammation reduces inflammation by 62% in a mouse model. Prescription drugs reduce inflammation by 45% in the same mouse research.

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Do the benefits last?
Every patient responds individually but the changes to the muscles seem to be long lasting. About 60-80% of the changes created in one treatment last until the next treatment, about four to seven days. Although patients have had permanent changes in one treatment, the average number of treatments depends on the complexity of the problem. Acute problems such as a minor fall or injury generally resolve with a couple of treatments.

More chronic complex problems will generally take longer as the body constantly strives to be pain free and consequently adapts to new habits of movement in order to reduce pain levels. In these situations we will always address the 'whole' body.

We suggest nutritional support tailored to your condition to help create lasting change.

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Is there any risk?
As a precaution, the current will not be used through the brain or during pregnancy.

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How do I prepare for a treatment?
Before each treatment it is very important to sip 2 litres of water starting two hours beforehand. If you are dehydrated treatment will not be as effective (You can go to the toilet if you need to during this time).

If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to ask us. It is recommended you relax, drink your water, and enjoy the relief you can receive from Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

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Price per session: 70 euro

Treatments are generally 40-50 minutes but some are longer depending on the conditions treated.

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